LED System Design

LED FX Ltd`s principals have been involved in the professional lighting industry for more than 25 years and specialising with professional lighting applications of LED`s for 10 years.

We have consulted, supplied service, equipment and backup for complete projects and also as the LED specialist in the background for contractors on their projects.

Our clients include lighting design practices, electricians, retail designers, interior designers, motorsport engineers, shopfitters, landscape designers, artists and architects.

Projects have included theatre and set designs, rock`n`roll sets, architectural and architainment installations, public art installations,bar and nightclub interiors and exteriors retail interiors and window displays, dark rides , theme parks, office and work enviroments, museum displays, machine and microscope vision.

Our experience with LEDs from when almost all equipment had to be custom built gives us and our clients unique insight.

We evaluate equipment from the almost bewildering array now available on todays market, with the knowledge and experience gained from being present since the early days of the LED lighting industry.

We maintain constant surveillance of the latest advancements by manufacturers of lighting products and components.

The knowledge and facilities to customise or combine elements from different sources to provide the very best solutions for our clients.

It is never too early to call your lighting design professional, at LED FX we are always happy to have a brief informal chat without obligation about your project and where we may help.

LED FX here yesterday, here today, here tomorrow.